EarthSeeds Projects

The EarthSeeds Story

EarthSeeds was founded by a forest ranger looking for a better way to teach young people about our planet. The result is lesson plans, activities and dialogue that truly engage young people.

EarthSeeds planetary education tools include an extensive curriculum kit, a photorealistic inflatable globe, and other teaching materials. Teachers tell us their students are eager to learn about global issues and that our products inspire levels of interest they rarely see in other subjects.

We’ve been referred to as the “Johnny Appleseed” of “Environmental Literacy Education”. Many people know of us from the networking we do with the ” Planet in Every Classroom” project. Even though we’ve taken a proactive role in “paying it forward”, this project, like all Earthseeds projects, is an open source celebration, enlisting the actions of each “Crewmember of Spaceship Earth” for the benefit of our entire crew. Everyone needs to see our home planet the way Astronauts do. The Earth, as seen from space, is our “Global Family Portrait” – what we call the “Astronaut’s View”. The men and women who have sailed among the stars have seen our fragile tiny craft and know how we need to shift our consciousness to taking better care of Earth; our only home. To this noble end, we have a growing family of “Earthseeds Ambassadors” whose mission it is to inform, inspire, integrate and involve our crew in this great “Up-Wising” We are awakening now tof truly seeing ourselves in the universal mirror. The time has come to see… we are “All One Family”.