Flying Earth Flags

“To see our Earth as it truly shines, is to see ourselves as ‘Crewmembers, 
traveling together on board a small blue beautiful Spaceship.”  -Mark Joyous
Flying Earth Flags
Flying Earth Flags

As an act of awareness, consciousness and faith in the future – we at Global View Foundation & EarthSeeds  ask you all to consider an action that is easy, affordable, visible, proactive, positive and powerful in it’s scope and ability to affect sustainable change. We ask you to consider FLYING THE EARTH FLAG.  Fly it at your schools, churches, businesses, homes,  local parks and public places. Fly it wherever people gather for the good of all. From City Halls to Public Libraries; use your imagination to dance into a new world.

FLYING THE GLOBAL EARTH FLAG IS A SYMBOL. And a symbol is a start. As such, it is a bright, inspiring beacon, acknowledging our basic overall interdependence. Such a small step as displaying the Earth Image is not detrimental to any individual or group. This image and flag symbol does not take away or separate. Instead, it adds and unites. Just as all the colors of the rainbow merge to form visible bright light, so do all flags come together to achieve a sensible harmony and meaning to the whole. The Earth Flag includes all.

FLYING THE GLOBAL EARTH FLAG in no way diminishes the respect and love we all carry for our local schools, communities, states and nations. Indeed, it only serves to expand our sense of pride and appreciation of all Life. The Earth Flag helps recognize more than humanity. From the plant and animal kingdoms to weather, gravity and unseen forces, the Earth Flag salutes ALL of Life and creation. It is a symbol of sacred alliance whereby all life is united in an allegiance with the highte3s creative powers of our Universe.

FLYING THE GLOBAL EARTH FLAG is a statement of Peace, Hope, Affirmation and Love. It is a positive celebration of a tiny blue world called “Earth” – Our only home.  And if you feel a Flag is too strong of a statement to start with, ( Or too expensive an investment right now ) perhaps you might choose a Poster of Earth to place in a prominent place. The entry to your business or at the school library or church foyer. If you can, join with others to bring the “PLANET IN EVERY CLASSROOM” to your spheres and circles of influence. It’s Fun, functional and focused on Future Forward Days for us all...

FLYING THE GLOBAL EARTH FLAG is a reminder of the arc of our growth as we evolve into a global culture. It’s a call to action; an inspirational message that silently sings to each and every heart. It’s a way to vote for a world that is awakening unto itself and aiming for healthy ways to evolve into our future. We have choice. We always have choice. If we’re going to thrive, we’ll need to grow more green and sustainable. The question is – will we go screaming and kicking and resisting? Or will we go singing, dancing and embracing these necessary changes? We are all called to our current challenges and to embrace our uncertain future and create positive momentum and direction with our every thought and action.