Bringing Astronaut Views Down to Earth

Just Earth . . . slowly rotating in the vastness of our Solar System. One shining blue living planet against the darkness of Space.

Green and brown land masses are scattered around but appear to be puzzle pieces reaching out for each other; continents painted on the surface of immense oceans of blue that cover nearly everything.

And ALL of this, along with the entire human experience, is wrapped in a thin veil of atmosphere with its global blanket of spinning white clouds.

How do you feel now?

Our Home is a Living, Breathing, Interconnected and Interdependent Planet

Our Core Mission

To Promote The Astronaut’s View of Earth in Space And Create Opportunities For People To Experience The Overview Effect. Whole Earth photographs AND how they impact the way we feel and think are called EarthSeeds, the most important aspect of our educational outreach materials for children and adults.

360o Virtual Tour of Earth from Space

This new fundamental human experience of seeing Earth in Space is only 70 years old, one that we believe is underserved. Interacting with photographs of our planet and accurate 3D representations of Earth have measurable benefits for children and adults of all ages. Genuine self-reflection while observing Earth can have a profound impact on your sense of identity, self- esteem and purpose in life. Some people have felt great joy, compassion and even love!