About Us

Global View Foundation is a Colorado non-profit focused on affecting public consciousness about this planet we all call home. By regarding Earth as a living system and all of its inhabitants as ‘crewmembers’ we share in the responsibility in preserving and appreciating the essential common ground of all living things.

We playfully see this beautiful, organic planet as The Astronaut’s Globe and as the Crew we should function dynamically, effectively and synergistically towards our greatest possible future. Buckminster Fuller and the Spaceship Earth concept is a central inspiration to our work.

Global View produces Earth image products and educational programs for use in schools, places of worship, camps, fundraisers, events and organizations in an effort to promote a sustainable worldview.

We’ve been hibernating for some time but now really excited to be back into the spin of things! We were pulled away from this endeavor unfortunately and the organization adapted. We’ve been able to maintain a minimal presence online and in our communities, and kept our non-profit status alive in good standing. The passion has never faded, and we are reminded now of our once proclaimed ‘2020 Vision.’