Planet in every classroom

This is our most important program since we began this journey. Between 1997 and 2005, The EarthSeeds Project donated Earth image products and educational materials to recipients in 12 countries and throughout the United States. In our home State of Colorado, we donated Earth images to rooms that reached tens-of-thousands of middle school students, we presented directly in classrooms and at school assemblies.

“Dear Singing Astronauts, You’re right about everything you said. I’ll never kill a dangerous looking bug again. I understand why you wore the spacesuit. You’ve convinced me to try and take care of our spaceship mother earth and all the crew. Your songs were some of the best songs I’ve ever heard. I hope you can always do this in each school around the world. Your fan, Derek”

Planet in Every Classroom was supported then by our interdisciplinary, standards-based EarthSeeds Curriculum Guide and the award-winning Astronaut’s Globe. We created over 40 Lesson Plans in collaboration with a team of leading educators in experiential learning, environmental education, non-violent communication, science and Space.

Kids with Globe in Class

The booklet included with the Astronaut’s Globe was filled with fun facts about Earth and a bunch of activities for using the Globe to learn and have fun. The booklet was a tiny version of our first book, Spaceship Earth: A Crewmember’s Guide published many years ago from the heart of a National Park Ranger and former Naval Officer who is one of our founders.

In 2004 the Astronaut’s Globe received a Parent’s Choice Award for Best Educational Toy. We then created our first Planet in Every Classroom Kit which combined our best educational resources in one convenient, reusable box.

Kids with Globe in Class

Creating new educational materials and experiences to use with 2D and 3D Earths is always a priority for us. Billions see the Earth from Space image, but how many have the opportunity to really connect with the experience and take something valuable and personal away from it?

Kids with Globe in Class

The EarthSeeds Curriculum Guide is still available but you’ll have to request a digital copy by contacting us.

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We ask you to support our new website and fundraising store with the epic Fine Art Fundraising program to once again capture the hearts and minds of children everywhere. As always, we strive to operate Global View on an Administrative budget of 15% or less. While we don’t have a current or robust portfolio of outreach recipients, we are committed to allocating your donations to recipients and communities that are interested in receiving our resources and are excited to participate in the new EarthSeeds Project!

Our focus is executing a strategic plan for the EarthDay 2020 season which includes outreach development, Earth Day event contributions, and a small expansion of merchandise available in the store. All of the money we raise in 2019 is funding our EarthDay 2020 campaign and outreach recipients for the first half of next year. We are also interested in opportunities to leverage online, immersive Earth viewing technologies.

Our Earth Products fundraising store not only serves our mission by helping to expand your life and those around you with beautiful, fine art Gallery Wraps of Earth in Space but it’s also our primary means of raising money to facilitate our outreach programs.

We’ve helped create and distribute some the nation’s most amazing Earth products for home and classroom use. Join us for the new generation of The EarthSeeds Project!